Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Anne Curtis' scandal in Boracay

While performing a dance number with now is her ex-boyfriend and co-star Sam Milby , Anne Curtis had a wardrobe malfunction during their ASAP XV show in Boracay. Her bra accidentally showed off her right b--b despite it being tight for the pretty actress. It was her special number to promote her upcoming Star Cinema movie “Babe, I Love You” opposite ex-boyfriend Sam Milby..... then Sam Milby realized what  happened and covered her up immediately…..


  1. i was also shuck while i'm watching it on tv.. but like other said.. it was accidentally only.. and sam milby was a gentleman for what he did !

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  2. ..in that situation Sam Milby prove that he is always there for Anne Curtis..and also in that incident their movie become successful..

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